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The journey of being artist starts from the doorstep of oviyaulagam.

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About Oviyaulagam

Oviyaulagam was started in 2006 for the purpose of inducing creativity in the minds of students. More than 1000 of students got benefited through oviyaulgam. We teach students from the age of 3 to infinity.

We teach from basic strokes to photo realistic paintings. We have a strong training team who are artists in both drawing and teaching. We prefer and believe in one to one live and interactive sessions. Based on pandemic circumstances we are into this digital world through online classes.

We have students from many parts of Tamil nadu and foreign countries like Belgium, UK & Australia.

The journey of being artist starts from the doorstep of oviyaulagam.

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What We Do

We help budding artists to explore their creative mind and reproduce the visualization into paper. Starting from basic 2D drawings to realistic paintings without any age limits.

Drawing Classes

Oviya Ulagam Art Studio provides a specially designed creative ambience for students entering the art world. Classes are offered for all ages, covering basic pencil drawing to realistic artworks with various color media. Access is available through both live in-person classes and online platforms.

Art out

Art Out is an exclusive outdoor event curated by the Oviyaulagam team, aiming to enhance creativity through live arts. It encourages students to think outside the box, fostering the development of new concepts and theories. Art Out promotes interaction among students, ultimately increasing their interest in learning.


The Workshop, held monthly, is an 8-hour art event in a single day. It encompasses learning sessions, breaks for food and tea, and enjoyable activities. This unique event allows students to learn a specific medium, progressing from basics to advanced levels—mediums include charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, soft pastel, oil pastel, and oil painting. Participants leave with a personally crafted beautiful artwork.

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Creativity has no age restrictions; anyone can pick up a brush and create magic.



Oviya ulagam is a very creative and motivational drawing class . I am attending this drawing class from LKG and i am in 8th standard now . And there's a good improvement in my skills . Its all because of skilled training and special thanks to akka and aunty .I have got more than 50 -60 prizes because of their support and motivation. Thanks to them for creating little artists .

Shakthi V


I started learning art from Oviyaulagam from my kinder garden, because of this wonderful training my interest towards art has reached heights. I am pursuing 12th grade and after my schooling I will choose art as my educational background and career.

Varshini L.V


As a student of Oviyaulagam, I've witnessed a significant improvement in my drawing skills. The diverse range of classes and workshops caters to various levels, making it an inclusive and effective learning platform.



Oviyaulagam's online platform offers not just convenience but also a top-notch learning experience. The flexibility in scheduling and the quality of instruction have exceeded my expectations.



Being part of Oviyaulagam goes beyond just learning art. It's a holistic experience that nurtures creativity, embraces mistakes, and celebrates the joy of artistic expression.




Welcome to our vibrant gallery, where art comes to life in an array of colors and expressions. Explore the diverse and inspiring creations of our talented artists that showcase the richness of human imagination. Each piece tells a unique story, capturing moments, emotions, and perspectives that transcend boundaries.

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Color Pencil Drawing

Water Color Art

Object Drawing

Object Drawing

Sketch Art

Oil Painting

Object Drawing

Object Drawing

Water Color Art


Oviyaulagam boasts a wide array of technically proficient teachers capable of unlocking the hidden artist in both young children and adults. The Oviyaulagam team is highly dedicated to developing learning skills through entertainment, thereby enhancing the joy of learning for students. Highly skilled artists are actively involved in nurturing budding talents. Teaching is tailored to accommodate students' preferred languages, including Tamil, English, and Hindi.

Mrs.Bhavani Rajadurai


Mrs. Aishwarya Kavin

Visual Artists


Web Developer



Why Choose Us?

Our specialty is we don’t make students to simply draw strokes, curves and lines instead we choose drawings which improvise their hand grip and make their learning journey interestiong.


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128, Mundakanni Amman Koil St,
Mylapore, Chennai - 600004

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Mon-Sat: 9AM to 6PM
Sun: 10Am to 1PM

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